Was It Fate, Or Am I Just That Tired?

12:46am: 6 hours before U2’sIMG_8592 “Beautiful Day” wakes me up for an 8 a.m. macro economics class and the only thing I can possibly think of at an absurd time like this is How I Met Your Mother.

Why? Why, exactly, am I still up this late when I have such an early class? And why is it because I’m thinking about a TV show that ended two years ago? Well the answer is twofold.

Fold #1: Now this is going to seem completely unrelated so bare with me, it will all make sense. As an avid music lover and album collector, I have a subscription to a curator called VNYL. VNYL is an independent company run by a team of music connoisseurs who send me three semi-hand-picked, semi-random albums every month based on my music taste and the $30 I pay them to do it. What this means is that once a month I am pleasantly surprised by typically two albums from unknown-to-me artists and a gem of an album from an artist that I am already fond of. Today, I received my package from VNYL, which, in addition to the three albums, included a handwritten note addressing what records I was getting and why they were chosen for me. As always, I was eager to hear this month’s picks. Two of the albums, Ryan Adams & The Cardinal’s Follow the Lights and Caveman’s Coco Beware, were both exceptional, but n
either compared to the third. For the first time ever, I heard The Walkmen’s Heaven. This band’s vibe is very similar to Spoon, The National, and even Wilco, so I’m immediately sold…

(Shout out to VNYL).

Fold #2: 11 hours and 46 minutes later and I’ve just finished 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. As a human being with feelings, I have become emotionally attached to the show and, as any fellow fan would understand, NO, I AM NOT OKAY AFTER THAT ENDING. I loved it but it is now 12:55 am and I am in a state of “I don’t know how to feel.” The final 60 minutes of what has become one of my favorite shows has both ruined and rebirthed me as any fantastic show should. No spoilers for those that haven’t seen the show but mark my words… it is legen-(wait for it)-dary. Legendary. Essentially, I was apart of the gang, and now I have to function as a normal person in society, without this escape? I’m sure there will be another show that I allow to overtake my life for a few months, but right now I’m still completely caught up in this, and will be for at least another 48 hours.

So what does the entire vinyl story have to do with my love for How I Met Your Mother? Throughout the entire show I have kept a tracklist of the many songs featured on the show that I like, including The Proclaimer’s 500 Miles (watch the show, and for those who have… you already know). Now, as any show ends I look forward to the “lasts.” The last kiss, the last joke, the last word, the last scene, and of course the last song. As I was watching the last of 208 episodes (through blurred vision because tears, obviously), the final song began to play; it was a song fresh on my mind. Earlier I had heard it for the first time ever and just hours later it ended what is without a doubt one of my favorite shows: The Walkmen’s Heaven.

1:14 am: This may be some stupid thought about fate but when small things like this happen (like when you find a yellow umbrella from a night-club on St. Patricks Day) it makes me believe that the universe has a special way with timing and how things circle about, and that excites me. It may very well be some big coincidence that a stranger sent me this song on the same day that it ended a beloved show for me but that’s just another cool thing in this world and one more thing to be baffled about.

Fate, whether it is a superstition, conspiracy, coincidence, Karma or God himself, is incredible.

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