Beginnings Are Always the Hardest Part

Drafting ideas for the blog

I have discovered this truth of mine in many different aspects of life, from waking up to my blaring alarm each morning to tying my shoes to go for a run…to starting this blog.

Because I get stuck on beginnings, The Tumble Reads was a project that took years to actualize. Two years, if you consider when I first thought about starting a blog and five if you consider my on-again-off-again relationship with writing. That relationship went a little something like this: you know that person who drives you completely insane but you just can’t stay away from? Maybe because you know deep down they’re “the one”? Writing is my professional equivalent of that person. I tried to put it aside and find another hobby. I tried to major in something other than English. I tried to love something else. But the heart wants what it wants, apparently. It kind of annoys me that that saying is true. But it is for me; writing won. Now, here I am, so in love that I’m willing to be driven completely insane on a regular basis (call me crazy and wish me good luck; I’ll need it).

Only after I realized I love to write and decided to make it a career did I think about blogging. My thought was that a blog would keep me writing on a regular basis. It would allow me to polish my writing, editing and research skills. It would act as a portfolio for my writing. It would also give me a taste of what it would be like to manage a publication. And, of course, it would be creative and fun! I had so many great reasons for starting a blog, so why did I wait two (to five) years to actually start it? Well… I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with a blog, that I would start it with tons of enthusiasm but then see it as work that I couldn’t maintain.

Enter Savanna. Sav and I share a lot of the same characteristics and interests (read: we are nearly the same person). One of those interests is writing. We both want careers in the writing/publication field and we’ve spent many hours talking about how exactly we want to get there. Sav, like me, thought that a blog would be a fun way to help her become a better writer. But also like me, she was nervous about starting and maintaining her own blog.

Then, in early March of this year, it occurred to me that Sav and I should start a blog together. I really don’t know why the thought hadn’t occurred to me before. I honestly felt equal parts genius for coming up with the idea and stupid for not coming up with it sooner. I mean, we’d both talked and talked about how we each wanted to start a blog. We even had the same goals for our individual projects, we just wanted to cover different subjects–her, music and me, books, thoughts and life in general. Combining the two and working together would not only ease the workload for us individually but it would be incredibly fun to have a creative project together.

And here we finally are, two months later, launching a blog that has been stuck in the beginning stages for nearly two (to five) years.

If you’re wondering, yes, I still struggle with beginnings and I still consider them to be the hardest part of anything… but I’m no longer worried about what comes after them. Instead, I’m excited.

So trust me when I say a lot will be coming after this. Stay tuned. 

What beginnings do you get stuck on? Comment below!

4 thoughts on “Beginnings Are Always the Hardest Part

  1. Amazing for post! I couldn’t agree more! Beginnings are the hardest part for me too! Beginning (and committing to) my blog, beginning my yoga classes, beginning my studying….. the list goes on and on! Hopefully everything works out for both of you! Looks like your off to a good start 🙂 xx


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